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Many Needs. Many Topics. One Solution.

Customized Communication’s educational content is available any time from any device with YoMingo®. Give your families access to consistent and accurate education you know and trust. The added benefits of trackers and logs allow them to care for their families in one place. Plus, you can see how the content is being utilized with built-in user metrics!

Flexible Content

Trackers & Logs

User Metrics

Web + App

Medically-Accurate Content

The flexible “Learner View” is pre-populated with CCI’s standard maternity content. Use it as-is or customize it to create a unique experience for your patients. Standard content includes text, videos and animations on the topics of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Milestones
  • Labor & Birth
  • Postpartum
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn Care
  • NICU

Promote Your Brand

Customize the platform to reflect your brand. Your logo and brand colors can be prominently displayed throughout the “Learner View”. YoMingo’s simple design is robust enough to grow with your healthcare system – one platform with options for every service line’s education needs. You can even use it internally for staff and volunteers.


Make it all your own with your branding:

  • Logos
  • Brand colors
  • “About Us” module
  • Community resource links
  • Social media page links


Track Your Success

Track your success with metrics.

One of the biggest benefits of a platform like this is knowing how successful it is. What kind of return are you getting on your investment? YoMingo contains metrics that allow you to measure the success of the platform within your patient community:

  • Popularity of modules
  • Frequency by user
  • Number of Learners
  • Inactive Uses
  • Frequent Login Times

YoMingo® is a product of Customized Communications, Inc.

The information in YoMingo® is NOT intended to take the place of a healthcare provider or any information that your healthcare provider has discussed with you about your own personal health. It is imperative and advised that you find care and work with your healthcare provider to keep yourself healthy and safe. Always call your healthcare provider with any questions you may have. By creating an account in YoMingo, you have verified that you have read and agree to this disclaimer.
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