Announcing CCI's New Look

    Announcing CCI's New Look


    CCI is proud to announce our new branding and updated look. As leaders in the medical patient education industry, we know how important it is to stay relevant and stand out, and that includes having a well-designed logo, website, and a brand persona that captures the essence of who we are as a company. 

    Our new look is meant to be professional, modern, and visually appealing and is currently on display across all our social media platforms. Our new website is coming in January 2016, so stay tuned for that.

    Why did we update?

    Given the ever-changing healthcare industry and dynamic online marketplace, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from others in the medical patient education field. It was our desire to create branding that encompasses and unifies our efforts as we continue to evolve as a company.

    What are the benefits?

    Our new branding is designed to set us apart as a leader in our industry, provide consistency in the marketplace, and drive awareness to our company and product offerings. By establishing ourselves as experts with a welcoming, engaging, and helpful approach, we hope to reinforce our individuality and highlight the passion, quality, and exceptional customer service that are the foundation of CCI.

    What can you look forward to? 

    As the healthcare industry advances and the way patients prefer to have information delivered to them changes, CCI continues to grow and adapt to the varying needs of our clients. And as we’re able to meet your needs and provide more value to you, you’ll be better equipped to do the same for your patients.

    An exciting future

    We’ve been working hard to ensure our new branding represents the excellence we strive to deliver to our clients. Though we may look different, we assure you we’re still the same great company you’ve come to depend on and trust.

    Take a look at our new branding on our social media channels and let us know what you think!