Providing digital options in St. Louis Park

Park Nicollet Health Services

The Search for Electronic Offerings
Their partnership with patients gave them insight into their maternity education program. Patients were asking for offerings in electronic form such as eBooks and mobile apps in addition to the printed materials already available. With that in mind, the program managers began a search for digital learning options that led them to Customized Communications, Inc. (CCI) in September of 2014. In addition to eBooks, CCI could provide a mobile labor and birth education app customized with Park Nicollet’s branding and information.

A Challenge of Consistent, Current Materials
While discussing digital options they learned that CCI could solve another one of their challenges—consistency across education materials. Park Nicollet provides their patients with several education resources throughout their pregnancy, during their hospital stay and at maternal home care visits. Unfortunately, there were duplications and inconsistencies across the care continuum of clinics, hospitals and home care. Patients weren’t receiving the highest quality education available and staffers were spending too many hours trying to keep up with reviews, updates and revisions. 

Now Customized, Current and Digital
Park Nicollet is now proudly offering print and digital education in multiple formats across their care continuum. There are three of CCI’s customized books in both hard copy and eBook versions, as well as The Gift of Motherhood mobile app for pregnancy and post-birth education. They also have two of their own books formatted and printed by CCI to retain a consistent look with their branding information.

Also, by partnering with CCI they no longer worry about content quality because the materials are continually reviewed and updated, and information is consistent across books, eBooks and the mobile app.

We’ve heard great feedback from patients and clinicians. They like the consistent information, having photos and graphics, and the ability to access education in different formats.

Lori Connelly Program Manager, Women’s Services


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