Meet Our Team

A passion for education and a commitment to our clients—that’s the heart of Customized Communications. We’re dedicated to providing medically accurate health education resources with customer service that exceeds expectations. Partner with us for comprehensive, fully customizable solutions that let you educate patients and enhance their lives with resources that reflect your brand.

Our Work

  • Mike McWithey

    Mike McWithey


    Beginning with two products and 300 clients, Mike has grown CCI into an award-winning company with more than 40 products and 3,300 clients in the U.S. and Canada. His goal is to continually exceed client expectations in products and customer service with the best employee team in the industry. Member Since: 1993
  • Becky Law, MA, BSN, RN

    Becky Law, MA, BSN, RN

    Medical Team

    For more than 30 years, Becky has worked in women's health, including labor and birth, postpartum care and childbirth education. She holds a master's in health and wellness and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. Becky continues to teach childbirth education classes. Member Since: 2017
  • G. Byron Kallam MD, FACOG

    G. Byron Kallam MD, FACOG

    Medical Team

    Dr. Kallam retired from practice in the OB-GYN field after more than 40 years, during which he also authored or co-authored numerous patient education publications concerning women’s health issues. He is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Member Since: 1993
  • Alex Prudic-Dennis

    Alex Prudic-Dennis

    Multimedia Designer
    Member Since: 2019

  • Amber Davis

    Amber Davis

    Production Designer
    Member Since: 2020

  • Amy Jenkins

    Amy Jenkins

    Senior Account Executive
    Member Since: 2001

  • Angie Noder

    Angie Noder

    Product Development Director
    Member Since: 2018

  • Angie Odom

    Angie Odom

    Sales Director
    Member Since: 2021

  • Ann Gassen

    Ann Gassen

    Production Designer
    Member Since: 2020

  • Annae Ireson

    Annae Ireson

    Vice President
    Member Since: 2011

  • Anne Tran

    Anne Tran

    Production Manager
    Member Since: 1995

  • Brooke Lowthorp

    Brooke Lowthorp

    Client Experience Specialist
    Member Since: 2019

  • Carrie Garvey

    Carrie Garvey

    Business Development Manager
    Member Since: 2018

  • Catherine Smith

    Catherine Smith

    Senior Account Executive
    Member Since: 2015

  • Caty Foster

    Caty Foster

    Staff Accountant
    Member Since: 2016

  • Deb Varnado

    Deb Varnado

    Senior Account Executive
    Member Since: 2021

  • Elizabeth Reynolds

    Elizabeth Reynolds

    Senior Account Executive
    Member Since: 2021

  • Laura Biggs

    Laura Biggs

    Digital Client Liaison
    Member Since: 2017

  • Leslie Bryant

    Leslie Bryant

    Production Specialist
    Member Since: 2015

  • Michelle Flinn

    Michelle Flinn

    Marketing Manager
    Member Since: 2018

  • Paula Rusk

    Paula Rusk

    Creative Director
    Member Since: 2020

  • Rebecca Jennings

    Rebecca Jennings

    Member Since: 2007

  • Robin Schumaker

    Robin Schumaker

    Senior Account Executive
    Member Since: 2018

  • Stacy Gonzalez

    Stacy Gonzalez

    Marketing Director
    Member Since: 2012

  • Stacy Lowrance

    Stacy Lowrance

    Client Liaison
    Member Since: 2011

  • Stephanie Mollet

    Stephanie Mollet

    Senior Graphic Designer
    Member Since: 2021