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Spring nominations are now open.

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Nurses Celebrating Nurses

Recognizing new nurses for excellence in patient care and leadership in the maternal and newborn fields.


What is The Ally Award?

To honor our clients and the exceptional work they do, CCI has created The Ally Award. The goal of The Ally Award is to recognize outstanding new nurses in maternal and newborn care for their achievements and to offer support for their continuing education.

Awarded quarterly, one nurse will be chosen for The Ally Award for a total of 4 times each calendar year. We know that acknowledgment from colleagues bolsters the confidence of new nurses. So we invite healthcare providers to nominate a nurse who consistently demonstrates excellence in their practice.


What attributes does the ideal Ally Award recipient embody?

The Ally Award recipient exemplifies 4 qualities that we value at CCI:

  1. Trustworthiness - Builds trust with their colleagues and their patients through their everyday acts
  2. Helpfulness - Supports their team members and cares for their patients in a manner that stands above the crowd
  3. Knowledge - Stays current and vigilant with regard to best practices leading to improved outcomes for their patients
  4. Leadership - Exhibits the potential for a lasting career in the field and the initiative to improve the quality of their practice


Why focus on new nurses?

One way we can help our clients continue to provide superior care is by showing our support for the nurses of the future. To assist new nurses in achieving their full potential, we’re sponsoring a 1-year Full Membership to The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) for each Ally Award recipient.

Benefits of an AWHONN membership include these (and more):

  • Resources, tools, and clinical training on key topics
  • Helpfulness - Opportunities for networking and professional development
  • Access to AWHONN’s Career Center and jobs board
  • A monthly newsletter covering research and advances

Additionally, the recipient will receive a FREE registration to one of the following conferences:

  • AWHONN Annual Convention
  • AWHONN Texas Section State Conference
  • Synova NICU Leadership Forum
  • Synova Perinatal Leadership Forum

Who is eligible for The Ally Award?

  • Nominees must be a current unrestricted BSN actively practicing in the United States at time of nomination.
  • Nominees must have 2 or less years of experience in maternal and newborn care.
  • Nominees must be nominated by a fellow health care professional.
  • Nominees must have a minimum education of a BSN but do not need to be certified.
  • Nominees must not currently hold a full membership to The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN).
  • Previous recipients will not be eligible for nomination.

Ally Award Winners

  • Taylor Jones

    Taylor Jones

    Winter 2022 Winner
    MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center

  • Sarah Opdyke

    Sarah Opdyke

    Fall 2021 Winner
    Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

  • Peyton Abernathy

    Peyton Abernathy

    Summer 2021 Winner
    Houston Methodist Sugar Land

  • Jillian Hood

    Jillian Hood

    Spring 2021 Winner
    St. Francis-Emory Healthcare

The Ally Award - Nurses celebrating nurses

Your Information
Nominee Information
Tell us why this person fits the criteria for recognition.
Please do not include any identifying factors in this section such as name, place of employment, etc.
Tell us about a time when this individual has displayed trustworthiness.
This nominee has been proven to be a trustworthy nurse & coworker. During a recent tragic event on our unit, she was in charge and showed grace and confidence. While other nurses tended to the patients' needs, she assured all the logistics were handled and that each staff member was supported. She stayed until all loose ends were tied up and she had been assured that all the staff were also ready to leave. She was able to be there for each person in the way they needed to be supported.
What has this individual done to be outstandingly helpful to both their peers and patients?
The nominee is a reliable and confident nurse. She works hard for her entire shift and sets a great example for coworkers. She responds to communication quickly and lends a hand on the unit even when she is not scheduled to work. She is known for being quick to offer assistance to other nurses who may need a hand.
How has this individual used their knowledge of maternal and newborn health to improve outcomes for their patients?
The nominee has attended workshops in health equity and implicit bias in order to help our unit better treat patients. She will be providing the staff with resources and education to increase the understanding of the issue of healthcare inequities and how we can recognize our implicit biases. This education will result in better outcomes for our patients.
Give an example of leadership qualities this individual already displays in their career.
The nominee has stepped up to learn to be a charge nurse on the night shift. She leads with confidence and makes fair assignments. She is well respected by her coworkers and people look forward to working when she is in charge. They know she will not only be fair, she is also calm, knowledgeable, and helpful when running the activities of the unit.
Please share an example that explains why this individual deserves to be recognized for their future leadership potential.
This nominee has been a great asset to our unit. During the tumultuous year of 2020 and all that entailed, she grew as a nurse, expanded her role, and helped our unit improve outcomes for mothers and babies. In a time when nursing was more complicated and harder than ever, she pushed forward and became a leader in our area. I expect she will continue to grow and be a powerful force in the world of OB nursing.